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About After Silence

Mexico-based Metalcore band After Silence is formed by Gabriel Vendetta, Jimmy Almonte, Alis Emerson and Hugo Cantú. The band was officially formed in October of 2019 and signed by Enigma Records; starting with the release of their first EP entitled “The Awakening“, made of 5 songs full of energy and ferocity. This band provides a metal sound that fuses sections of heavy vocals, djenty guitars, brutal breakdowns and pounding rhythms with surprisingly melodic clean sections. Their latest single “The Maniac” appears on Spotify’s editorial playlist La Bestia.

Signed by Enigma Records, After Silence wants to show the world the Mexican version of Metalcore.

After Silence explores the psyche of those who seek the truth and question all, their main goal is to resonate on a same frequency as those who share their ideals. Considered as the best representatives of Metalcore on their country, After Silence is destined to connect with thousands of people who share a deep connection with their tones and lyrics. Their only desire is to transcend creatively by providing the best within their souls.

AFTER SILENCE – A New Horizon (Official Video)

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